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The instructions for workers to participate in the Parliamentary elections are established

01/12/2017 19:12

This Friday the 1st of December, the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) and the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) have published the order that establishes the instructions and requirements for workers to participate in the Parliament of Catalonia elections on the 21st of December. The first article of the text stipulates that companies must grant people who are voters a four-hour leave during the aforementioned workday so that they can exercise their right to vote. 

This leave shall extend to postal voting for workers who work far from their usual homes or under other conditions which hinder their ability to exercise their right to vote on the 21st of December. 

The order also notes that the company has the authority to determine at what time the hours given to vote are used, and that the company also has the right to ask the worker to show documentation proving that they have voted, which can be issued by the corresponding election committee. 

Likewise, the members of the election committees and the scrutineers should be given leave if their duties fall within their workday. In these cases, the leave must correspond to the complete workday on the 21st of December 2017 and the first five hours of the workday on the 22nd. Workers who have shown proof that they are agents may only access the leave on election day.