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Election glossary

  • Threshold

    Minimum number of votes a list needs before it can be awarded seats. In general elections and for the Parliament of Catalonia the threshold for each constituency is 3% of the valid ballots cast, while in municipal elections and for the General Council of Aran it is 5%. There is no threshold in European Parliament elections.

  • Turnout

    Number of voters who cast their ballots in the election. It can be given as an absolute figure or as a percentage of the electoral roll. Turnout may refer to a polling station committee, a municipality, a constituency or the entire electorate.

  • Valid ballots

    The total number of ballots cast after subtracting spoilt ballots. They may be blank ballots and ballots for lists. It is the number used as the denominator for calculating the percentage of votes for each list.

  • Voter

    Person exercising the right to vote. All Spanish adults who are not in any of the cases provided by law which make them ineligible to vote may vote.

  • Voters at a polling station committee

    Number of voters who vote in an election at a particular polling station committee. It can be given as an absolute figure or as a percentage of the electoral roll.

  • Votes from resident voters who are abroad

    Ballots cast by voters registered on the register of absent resident voters (CERA) who have previously submitted an application to their provincial office of the Electoral Roll Office except in the case of local elections. These votes are counted by the provincial electoral commissions which add them to the general count record (see Register of absent residents, CERA).

  • Voting certificate

    Printed election certificate issued by the polling station committee at the request of any voter to prove that they have voted.