administració electoral
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Election glossary

  • Election campaign

    The time period prior to election day whose length is set at the announcement of the elections and during which lists can use public events and the media to ask the electorate to vote for them. General election regulations set it at a fortnight.

  • Election compatibility

    Record of the election income and expenses of all the political parties participating in the electoral process.

  • Election day

    Day on which voters can vote. Voting hours are from 9 am to 8 pm.

  • Election formula

    Calculation procedure used to convert the electoral results from each constituency into a distribution of seats among the lists standing for election.

  • Election measures

    Set of systems and equipment to carry out all the tasks related to the electoral process and for which the government calling the election is responsible.

  • Elections

    Process whereby voters vote to choose the members of a chamber or parliament. In a narrow sense, the election is the day of the vote.

  • Electoral administration

    It ensures the transparency and objectivity of the electoral process together with compliance with the principle of equality. It is made up of the Central Electoral Commission, the provincial electoral commissions, the area electoral commissions and, if need be, the regional electoral commission, and the polling station committees.

  • Electoral appeal

    Legal procedure taken against decisions by the electoral commissions concerning the announcement of members elect, votes counted, etc. It stops the process to which it refers.

  • Electoral commissions

    Electoral administration bodies which assess compliance with regulations and equality of opportunity. They handle any complaints or challenges that are filed and after the count validate the process of turning provisional results into final ones.

  • Electoral list

    Set of candidates put forward for seats in each constituency. Under a closed list system the seats won by each list are taken up in the order in which the candidates appear on the list.